Thursday, March 1, 2007

SB 3036 - Domestic Violence, Revising Protective Orders

What caught my eye about this bill is how many times it has been amended so when I started actually looking at the current amendments I was quiet surprised as how actively it changes the current law for a bill I have not heard anyone mention. For text of the bill with its latest amendments see here . This bill appears to currently be to conference as it has passed both the House and Senate but with different language. Primary changes that could occur with this bill are:

1. creation and implementation of a Mississippi Protective Order Registery (looks a lot like the Sex offender registry to me for those of you who think the SOFR is illegal/unconstitutional).

2. Costs of attorney's fees for the "protected" are to be paid by the violator is a protective order is deemed appropriate.

3. Lots of restrictions can be placed in accordance with this protective order bill, this has typically already been in the purview of the judge but this would make it statutory where I do not believe it has been so clearly delineated before

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