Thursday, February 8, 2007

In the news this week

Couple of articles I wanted to reference

First is the passing in the Senate of SB 2617 which is a voter-id bill, for a CL article see here. (It appears this bill is currently held on a motion to reconsider) This bill is traditionally killed in the House but I, personally, am a big proponent of voter-id and think those who speak out against it are just making themselves look foolish by telling stories of slippery slopes that just won't happen in 2006. Perhaps in 1996 (or 1986) these responses would have been more appropriate but not now. Now virtually everyone has ID of some sort, and if they don't they should, this isn't a poll tax or way to hinder the vote, it is in fact a way to insure your right to vote is safer because there should be no way with an ID check that if you are properly on the roll that someone else has voted in your stead.

Second is the passing in the Senate of SB 2795 an abortion bill, this is a quiet similar bill, if not the same, as was killed last year; for a CL article see here. The jist of the bill is that it would eliminate abortion in Mississippi, excepting in cases of rape, incest or life of the mother. I highly suggest you read the actual language of the bill as I do not mean to mischaracterize any portion of it.

As always we welcome questions, feedback, personal takes on these or any other issues dealing with Mississippi Law.

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