Thursday, January 11, 2007

Judge Leslie Southwick

Judge Southwick after several years as a Mississippi Court of Appeals judge has been nominated by President Bush for appointment to the 5th circuit. For a Clarion Ledger editoral about this see here.

This nomination has my full support, as if it needed it, as I have known Judge Southwick for about 5 years meeting him while in lawschool as he taught an Administrative Law class I took. This is a man of great intellect (teaching atleast 3 different subjects at Mississippi College School of Law in Ethics, Administrative Law and Oil and Gas), a sharp humor, and a very good and thorough writer as evidenced by his Court of Appeals opinions which can be found at the MS Supreme Court website, here. I also personally like how Judge Southwick doesn't mind writing dissents and it helps to further show he isn't lazy and takes the position of appellate judge as serious as it should be viewed (unlike some other appellate judges out there).

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