Friday, July 6, 2007

Harvard Charlie's Castle Doctrine Ad Fallacies

Here is the ad:

Fallacy #1 - Charlie didn't change the law all by himself, which is the clear insuation. He may have been principal author of the bill that passed but Sen. Ross was but one vote in the Senate, then the bill also passed the House and the Guv signed it. Charlie you didn't pass the bill and I wonder what the other 31 sponsers of the bill in the Senate think of the ad and the omission of their assistance.

Fallacy #2 - Darth Vadar doesn't live in Mississippi, now I have to say having Darth sneak up on your porch would be bad but come on, a Darth invasion in a local political ad is a little over the top.

Fallacy #3 - Ross implies he is a guy who gets stuff done for the people, "protecting families". Look at the bills Ross authored in 2007 that passed. A couple of minor changes to the MBCA, UPA, UCC and bills dealing with notaries, assistant d.a.'s, and a bill promoting toll roads. Not a whole lot of protecting the family going on there. In fact, Ross as Chairman of the Senate Judiciary let a bill, HB 1546 in 2005, that actually did help families die that had already passed the House. Oddly enough that bill was authored by now opponent, if Ross wins the GOP nomination, Jamie Franks.

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Anonymous said...

Charlie Ross bills look like an annual donor wish list placed into the MS code.

As for "guarantee your 2nd Amendment right", exactly when was this? Ask the next 5000 mississippians you bump into this question:

Do you remember that time when we didn't have our 2nd Amendment rights here in MS?

or try this one:

Do you remember the old days, where the gun laws in MS kept honest folks from defending themselves?

It's a first class pander for a guy that doesn't want to talk about anything but guns and tort reform. he should just go ahead, shoot some gun porn, and get it over with.

here's the (sad) new slogan:
Charlie Ross: Counting on You Being and Idiot